Next Big Thing!

Hi Everyone!

I’m starting up my blog again!

I’ve recently had this feeling that I needed to find my “next big thing!”  I’ve been even more motivated to figure this out in recent months as I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting.  Loved ones close to me have passed away unexpectedly, or I’ve watched my friends go through loss.  Makes one think about life and how it’s fleeting.

To me, these signs are omens saying, “Kayla, dance the heck out of life!  Do what you love!  Create!  Be Boss!  Advocate!  Write that book!  Hustle!  Find your calm!  Vivere la dolce vita!

So, I’m taking these as omens that that I’ve got to really visualize and work towards my goals—likely using the Chalk Board method (shout out to my current favorite pod cast called BeingBoss)!

Through this blog, I want to share my journey to attaining my goals, but also help others reach their goals along the way.

I’m calling on every woman–recent college graduate through mid to late thirties–to join my journey with me!  Are you trying to play big in your life?!  Do you have dreams of being the best version of you and excelling at work or in your side hustle?  Want to run for public office some day?  Want to do that thing for you, but you’re too scared to take the leap?

Join me!  Let’s learn from each other.  Subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media so we can connect.

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P.S.  Read my next post to find out how to get 25% off my art work on Etsy! 🙂


Author: Kayla

Kayla. Optimistic soul. Happy hearted. Scientist. If I put my mind to something, I can do anything attitude.

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